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Can your profession save you on your home loan?

Can your profession save you on your home loan?

When it comes to saving on your mortgage, some of you may not have to look further than your job. If yours is a profession that classifies you as a ‘low risk’ borrower in the eyes of lenders, then you may be entitled to special discounts.

The lucky ones

Accountants, lawyers and teachers are commonly eligible for home loan discounts, or particular loan types without fees, based on their professions. “The benefits differ depending on specific professions, it depends on what industry the lenders decide to target as it’s a constantly changing situation, so what’s here today may not be around tomorrow.

Doctors take the cake

Lenders have their own target lists of professions, but doctors are the big winners. They'll get waived Lender’s Mortgage Insurance, lower interest rates and, in many cases, banks will even go outside of their normal policy to get their loans approved. Some banks will also consider vets, dentists as well as physio therapists so best to confirm.

How the perks work

Simply being in a certain profession won’t automatically save you on your home loan. To qualify you must apply with a lender that offers your profession a special discount and meet that lender’s criteria. You’ll often need to provide evidence of membership of a certain industry body such as the Australian Medical Association.  Waived LMI is usually approved without any problems if you meet the criteria, however you’ll need to negotiate to get a better interest rate as well.

Because lenders don’t publish these better interest rates, to benefit from the discounts it’s best to have your broker by your side. Not only will they know which lenders to apply to, they will also assist you with pricing requests and negotiating the best possible interest rate.

Get in touch to see if we can help.

Rates on hold

Rates on hold

As expected, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to leave the official cash rate on hold at 1.5 per cent at their June meeting today.

The RBA has not moved on rates since August 2016, with the objective of stimulating inflation, employment and wages growth through rate stability. However, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is now forecasting official rates should gradually start to rise in late 2018, as these RBA measures start to take effect.

Meanwhile, local analysts are anticipating that lenders will soon start to raise rates outside of RBA movements, due to the rising costs of borrowing. Interbank lending rates (the rates that apply to Australian banks when lending money to each other) are on the rise and are likely to affect home loan interest rates across the board.

If you’re concerned about how this potential rise in rates may affect you, please give us a call.

Winter is here and action in our property markets is starting to slow. Auction clearance rates and home values are weakening, so conditions are currently favouring buyers. If you’re in the market for a new home or investment property, please get in touch now to arrange pre-approval on your loan.

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It doesn’t pay to be loyal when it comes to your home loan

It doesn’t pay to be loyal when it comes to your home loan

Banks would like you to believe that moving to a new bank is hard work and expensive. That the time, effort and costs outweigh the nominal savings that you could recoup. The idea that we should be loyal to the bank who supplied us with our first money tin back in Year 1 is a huge commitment to a decision that our parents made, probably based on a quick decision our grandparents made a generation earlier… With competition between the banks fiercer than ever, it simply doesn’t pay to be loyal to a single bank without looking to see what else is out there. 


Today we finalised a refinance for a client that will be saving them $2,808 in the first year and approximately $95,000 over the course of their loan following a rate reduction from 4.39% to 3.65%. That’s useful money in anyone’s language and you can imagine how pleased the clients were to hear this would be in their account rather than their bank's. We have seen time and time again the savings that can be made by clients approaching us to go through a quick pricing comparison. 

Whilst there are fees involved in switching lenders, they can be quickly offset by the savings on offer. Such is the appetite for business, some banks will even help you cover the switching costs by sweetening the deal with their own contribution.

While the savings can be substantial, some clients still baulk at perceived difficulty of dealing with the banks. Never fear, our service goes beyond finding you a rate as we will liaise with the banks on your behalf right through to settlement. Leaving time for you to plan what you can do with the money we have saved you.

This service is free of charge and it will only take a few minutes of your time to see if you will be better off – there is nothing to lose. Give the team a call and we would be eager to review your situation.

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